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We're giving away 5 of our best selling e-books + 2 never before release e-books ('how to go viral' and 'algorithm mastery') for just £5 in total! (usual total worth: £98 | Exclusive £7 Price)

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✨ Grow your Audience E-Book 
✨ Killer Content E-Book 
✨ Instagram Survival Guide 
✨ Ultimate Hashtag Guide & Library
✨ Sell Like Mad on Instagram E-Book
✨ [NEW] Algorithm Mastery E-Book
✨ [NEW] How to go Viral E-Book 

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Growing, Creating and Selling on Instagram can feel Impossible

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Instagram has changed a lot since it's arrival in 2010. But it's not too late to lear exactly how to master the algorithms, and grow and THRIVE on Instagram in 2021 and beyond!

I've grown over 46,000+ followers in just over one year

And I want to teach you the exactrepeatable formulas that I used to do exactly that!


I've helped 1000s of people do exactly the same 

These books will teach you everything you need to know to create and run a profitable Instagram account - from understanding and mastering the algorithms, supersizing your engagement, maxing out your offer and growing your followers to a huge engaged community, to creating killer content that converts, and so much more!!

Whether you're a coach, a business owner, an Influencer, artist, creator, baker or artist - these books are suitable for everyone 

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Whats Included

 Let's take a look:

Grow Your Audience - 24-Step Strategy Guide

Grow & THRIVE on Instagram and beyond, at your own pace!

What does it include:

βœ“ The EXACT strategies I used to get to 40k+ followers in 1 year

βœ“ 24-Step Repeatable formula to turn complete strangers, into loyal super-fans

βœ“ Learn how to turn your passion into profit

βœ“ Printable Checklist to take you through the 24-steps

Instagram Survival Guide

Instagram today, is nothing like the Instagram of Yesterday. If you want to grow and thrive on the app in 2021, you need to make some serious changes to your strategy! Created in collaboration with Instagram coach Natalia Raitomaki - steal the strategies that got us both to over 25-40k followers in one year

What does it include:

βœ”  Instagram funnel framework to convert strangers into fans

β€‹βœ” Tips on how we've reached the explore page (understand how the algorithms work)

β€‹βœ” Formula to transferring your Instagram into a follower-magnet

β€‹βœ” Proven viral content strategies and ideas to focus on in 2021

βœ” Grow your Instagram and attract your Ideal Audience 


Killer Content E-Book

Learn how to create content that converts, sort your strategy, use Canva like a pro, and create seamless carousels

What does it include:

βœ“ How to Create killer content that converts

βœ“ Canva tutorials to make people question whether you're actually a professional graphic designer

βœ“ Seamless carousel tutorial, leaving not a pixel out of place

βœ“ The content strategies I use to get organic engagement at a crazy rate

Sell Like MAD on Instagram E-Book

Ever wanted to leverage your social media accounts to increase your profits? Then this book is for you! This E-book will delve you into the world of selling through content, and creating customer relationships that last

What does it include:

βœ“ Core Instagram marketing theories for massive growth

βœ“ Repeatable frameworks of growth and sales.

βœ“ Create and maintain customer & fan relationships through content

βœ“ Appropriate for all manner of online selling, both products and service-based businesses

The Ultimate Hashtag Guide & Library

The ultimate guide to understanding hashtags, and planning your hashtag strategy for optimum growth

What does it include:

βœ“ Understand the different types of hashtags

βœ“ Learn hashtag theory and the types of hashtags you should be using

βœ“ Hashtag library with 100s of highly researched tailored hashtags for the 31 top niches & industries

βœ“ If your niche/industry isn't included, let us know and we will update the document to include hashtags for you!

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And that's not all...

Brand New E-Books

Check out these awesome additional bonuses that you get for free when you purchase this bundle today!

'How to Go Viral' E-Book

Ever wanted to go viral with your Instagram content? In this e-book we look into the theory behind wWHY certain things blow up and go viral, and others don't!

What does it include:

βœ“ Repeatable Viral Content Straties from the experts

βœ“ Discover exactly what makes a post go viral

βœ“ FREE worksheet to help you discover, plan and creat your own viral content using these techniques

Algorithm Mastery

The most up-to-date information on how the different Instagram algorithms work in 2021, and how you can use this insider information to grow and THRIVE on the app

What does it include:

βœ“ A complete understanding of how the Instagram algorithms work in 2021

βœ“ A summarised version of the insider knowledge Instagram themselves have leaked about the algos

βœ“LEarn exactly how to use knowledge about the algorithms to your advantage 

βœ“ Step-by-Step actions you can take to get on top

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Hey there, I'm Abi.

I'm a social media coach, who has spent the last 6 years working in and teaching digital Marketing to businesses, coaches, creators and Marketing students!

βœ“ First Class BA (Hons) Bachelor's Degree in Marketing
βœ“Distinction MA Master's Degree in Media Communications
βœ“ 3x Professional Certificates from the global leading Marketing body CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing)
βœ“ 2x Additional Diplomas in: SEO, and Social Media Marketing
βœ“6+ years experience in Digital Marketing
βœ“3+ Years Qualified Marketing University Lecturer
βœ“ Profitable serial Entrepreneur
βœ“ 40k+ followers in 1 year on Instagram

I'm the course creator of Instagram Ignition, and owner of Instagram training academy holler. I'm here for all your Instagram needs, big and small! I can't wait to teach you everything I know!

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✨ Grow your Audience E-Book

✨ Killer Content E-Book 
✨ Instagram Survival Guide 
✨ Ultimate Hashtag Guide & Library
✨ Sell Like Mad on Instagram E-Book
✨ [NEW] Algorithm Mastery E-Book
✨ [NEW] How to go Viral E-Book

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