All You need to Dominate Instagram in 2022

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  • ALL Key Dates for 2022 in ONE Place
  • 365 Days worth of Content Ideas
  • [BRAND NEW] E-Book: '2022 Instagram Strategy'
  • All the updates, predictions & strategy changes you need for 2022
  • [BRAND NEW] Canva Content Template Bundles
  • Not Included in our Original Content Template Bundle

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Navigating Instagram in 2022 May Seem Scary...

But it doesn't have to be!

Instagram has changed a lot since its arrival in 2010. But it's not too late to learn exactly how to master the algorithms, create killer content that converts, and grow and THRIVE on Instagram in 2022

I'm Giving away EVERYTHING You need for 2022

After downloading this bundle, 2022 will be a breeze. Creating content will never be easier, with 365 days of content ideas, ALL the key dates you need to know, 27 customisable content templates, and our BRAND NEW book for 2022: '2022 Instagram Strategies'.


I grew to 40k+ followers in 2021

But the techniques I used this year, will not be the same as those I'll be using next year! I have adapted and updated ALL of my core Instagram strategies, to align with the changes, updates, trends and predictions 2022 will bring


If you're serious about growing on Instagram in 2022, then this bundle is for you!

Whether you're a coach, a business owner, an Influencer, artist, creator, or baker - this bundle, and the ideas and strategies within it, are suitable for everyone in ALL niches!

As long as you're passionate about growing on Instagram, and willing to learn - you can get the incredible results that you're after.

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Complete 2022 Key Date & Content Ideas Calendar

What does it include:

✓ Every Single Key Date in 2022 in ONE place

✓ 365 Days of Content Ideas designed to increase engagement, provide value and nurture your audience

✓ Never run out of content ideas ever again!

✓ Grow, Sell & THRIVE on Instagram in 2022 with this unique set of post ideas & Key Dates!

2022 Instagram Strategy: E-Book

Our BRAND NEW E-Book created and designed with 2022 in mind. Discover exactly  how to grow on the app in the new year. Instagram has changed a lot in 2021, and your 2022 strategy needs to be different if you want to succeed! Inside this E-Book you'll find:

✓ The Platform Changes in 2021
✓ Planned Changes for 2022
✓ Predictions for the year ahead
 ✓ How Instagram users are changing
 ✓The exact stratigies you need to impliment to grow in 2022

27 [BRAND NEW] Canva Content Templates

27 BRAND NEW easy to use plug-and-play Canva Content Templates, suitable for every single industry/niche.

Complete different to the templates included in our original Ultimate Content Bundle!


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Hey there, I'm Abi.

I'm a social media coach, who has spent the last 6 years working in and teaching digital Marketing to businesses, coaches, creators and Marketing students!

✓ First Class BA (Hons) Bachelor's Degree in Marketing
✓Distinction MA Master's Degree in Media Communications
✓ 3x Professional Certificates from the global leading Marketing body CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing)
✓ 2x Additional Diplomas in: SEO, and Social Media Marketing
✓6+ years experience in Digital Marketing
✓3+ Years Qualified Marketing University Lecturer
✓ Profitable serial Entrepreneur
✓ 40k followers in 1 year on Instagram

I'm the and author of this Content Calendar, the '2022 Strategy' E-Book and Canva Templates. I can't wait to share all the secrets of succeeding in 2022 with you in this bundle!

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